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    PCD consists of 99.9% carbon isotope C12.  Its high thermal conductivity is 50% better than natural diamond and 2 times faster than copper.  PCD property provides wear resistance up to 500 times that of conventional carbide.

    Polycrystalline diamond can be sintered to cemented carbide substrate through special high temperature and pressure process. PCD insert is the best for machining non-ferrous metals and non-metal. It has replaced tungsten carbide and ceramics in a range of high speed performance applications including the turning, boring, milling, slotting and chamfering of materials such as high-silicon aluminum, metal matrix composites (MMC), ceramics, reinforced epoxies, plastics, carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics (CFRP) and engineered wood products.  The extended tool life and increased productivity provide by PCD tools offer cost effective solutions for many applications.


    CBN blanks are manufactured from cubic boron nitride crystals utilizing an advanced high temperature, high-pressure process.  The cubic boron nitride crystals are sintered together with a binder phase and integrally bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate.  The binder phase, usually either a metallic or ceramic matrix, provides chemical stability, enabling the CBN qualities to be utilized in high-speed machining environment.  The substrate in the CBN blanks provides the high impact resistance necessary for the depth of cuts and high speed associated with machining of hardened ferrous materials.  CBN cutting tools offer excellent heat dissipation and wear resistance.  Cutting tool geometries can be prepared to withstand interrupted cut.

    CBN tools offer the following benefit: (a) machine-hardness and heat-treated steels, (b) an excellent surface finish that allow eliminated grinding, (c) high productivity rate that can be more than four times higher than that in grinding, (d) grat resistance to abrasion which is twice that ceramics and ten times than that of carbide.

    CBN tools are recommended for machining cast iron including compacted graphite iron (CGI), sintered iron and super alloys hardened steel.


    WSS specializes in making of very high precision non-standard PCD/CBN tools that based on customers’ requirements and applications from the industries whose manufacturing engine pistons, aluminum cylinder block & head, transmission housings, valve bodies, gears, shafts, and bearings.  Our technical experts also offer solutions and PCD/CBN coated products that considerably improve tool life and boost the performance of tools in high productivity, high-speed and high-feed cutting or in dry machining, and when machining of difficult-to machine materials.

    The natural diamond (ND) cutting tools, widely used in the metalworking industry, are made through a special welding of natural diamond to a shank. It is suitable for applications that require excellent surface finish qualities, high heat resistance, and for applications when electrical conductive materials are an issue.  Two types of ND cutting tools, namely the sealed cutting tools and the brazed cutting tools.  The sealed cutting tools are mainly used for processing a mirror face of clock and decorative products while the brazed cutting tools are tuned for turning, milling and grinding that requires high precision, high vibration resistance capability, and mirror-face of surface finish. 

    PCD rotary cutting tools are the most professional and accurate cutting tools for batch machining.

    The PCD or natural diamond that WSS use is all imported and selected for purity or inclusion-free.

    Nowadays, the metalworking industry underwent several important changes that should bring the cutting tool configurations to the forefront of tool design and implementation.  WSS has perfected the technology of tool making so practically any desired design of rotary cutting tools can be produced with a very tight tolerance.

    Many manufacturing companies have updated their machines, fixtures and tool holders.  Modern machines used today have powerful rigid high speed spindles, high precision feed drives and shrink-fit tool holders.

    A wide range applications of rotary cutting tools: automobile engine cylinder block & head, valve guide pipe, seat bottom holes & tube hole, seat cone, housing of gearbox, gears, output shaft, etc.