Industry Appliaction

Industry Appliaction

PCD Forming tools used in the brake master cylinder

WSS PCD forming tool application results
    ● Original cutting with carbide forming tool. The main reason is the tool scrapped sticky crumbs and tip wear, due to cutting power, plane and hole machining process is divided into two tools, low efficiency, low tool wear fast life, poor surface finish of the workpiece poor dimensional stability, the need for frequent exchange knife and adjust parameters. Therefore, the tool life is short, and because of the increased ATC, commissioning measuring time, low productivity, poor product consistency.
    ● After using WSS PCD molding tools, PCD tools with excellent wear resistance, high surface finish and dimensional stability, surface machining and processing consolidation in a hole tooling, cutting efficiency multiplied. Tool life by up to 4 times. Product size consistency, stability were significantly improved. Significantly enhance productivity while reducing tool costs per unit of output by about 50%.