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WSS | WSS keeps up with the rapid development of the automotive industry


The 11th Transmission Symposium China (TMC2019) was successfully held at Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview from April 19 to 20, 2019.

This event provided 48 reports, 68 companies participated in product and service exhibition, and 761 delegates attended the meeting. Regarding the content of speeches and panel discussions, this conference is closely related to the hot topics and development trends in the industry. WSS attended the grand gathering of transmission and drive technology, in the mean time gained a deep understanding of the latest automotive industry trends and market dynamics, and listened to insights from leading automotive industry experts.    

The products developed and manufactured by WSS have been recognized by the automotive industry. In the automotive parts manufacturing industry, the super-hard cutting tools provided by WSS effectively increase production efficiency and reduce production costs for manufacturers. The seminars member includes Schaeffler, Wan Li Yang, Bosch, HOERBIGER, PMG Holding, MIBA AG, Shanghai LIFENG, etc. All the above companies have good cooperation with our company and plays an important role in automotive gearbox.

At this symposium, WSS presented three sets of gearbox parts processing solutions and a set of piston machining solutions for the audience. In the automotive industry, WSS tools are used in a wide range of applications, such as gearbox housings, gearbox output/input shafts and gears. WSS PCD and CBN super-hard tool can meet the processing requirements of different workpieces, have high processing efficiency, and prolong the life of the tool while ensuring high-quality machining, thereby reducing the processing cost.