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Turbocharger Housing

Solution features:

Indexable inserts at all major cutting points, mostly ISO inserts for easy management

Special compound tools tailored to the automotive turbocharger system, which are highly efficient and significantly reduce manufacturing costs

Specific insert options, both ISO or non-standard customised inserts have excellent performance in mass production

Continuously optimised complete solutions, fully implemented and have been proven for increased efficiency and cost savings throughout manufacturing

Workpiece materials

Ductile iron, high nickel cast iron, heat resistant stainless steel Operating temperature: About 850°C (diesel engines)

About 1050-1200℃ (gasoline engine)


V-line Machining

Machining interference, tool shape is exceptional and difficult to reach machining positions

High nickel material is an immense challenge for tool life

Special insert design

Unique edge finish

Specialised efficient coatings

Efficient reaming and turning formed in one operation

Easy insert management with ISO standard inserts


K-line Reaming And Turning


Shallow Hole Drilling + Chamfering And Orifice Forming

Holes up to 20 mm are drilled and chamfered in one operation

Reduced tool wear and greatly decreased costs compared to hardened tools


End Slot Processing

Customised tools grooving on end face in one process

High longevity and dimensional stability


Valve Bore

Valve bore and flat machined in one operation


Flange Faces

Flange face milling and back-scraping of the surface

Light and fast cutting and high efficiency


Surface Countersinking

Vibration-resistant carbide toolholder

Efficient and stable


Air Inlet Fine Turning

Special tool body material with efficient ISO inserts, perfect for fine turning