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TransmissionTurbochargersAutomotive steering accessoriesPistonsBrake Calipers
Valve seatsClutch discsSprocketsOil distribution discsIntake/exhaust valve guides
Gear bushingsWheel bearingsOil injection nozzlesOutput shaftsAutomotive brake valves
Brake discsBall cagesDifferentialsEngineOil sump
Turbocharger Housing

Machining Solution Of Brake System

Solution features

Indexable inserts are used at all major cutting points, and most are ISO inserts for easy management.

Composite tools tailored to the automotive braking system, which are highly efficient and significantly reduce manufacturing costs. 

Precise groove profile inserts, exclusively manufactured for non-standard inserts, which perform well in cutting.

Continuously optimised complete solutions, fully implemented to improve efficiency and save costs throughout manufacturing. 

Meet the high efficiency. requirements of top automotive component manufacturers.


Cylinder Body Machining

Tangential triple-edge with dense tooth design to achieve high cycle times and low costs. Also available as a flush-mounted triple-edge tool for low-power machines

Advanced insert materials with multiple groove and fillet options

Low cost per part and good machining stability

ISO standard insert design for rough boring

Inclusion of negative tool inspection inserts

Economical and greatly improved process safety


Master Cylinder Bores Rough Boring


Dust-proof And Sealing Groove Processing

Cap and saw insert configuration for different workpiece diameters

Composite body material, unique insert design and excellent vibration damping for stable machining and longer tool life


Orifice Chamfering

ISO standard insert design Multi-edged clamp construction for

efficient and economical use


Master Cylinder Bores Fine Reaming

High efficiency and process stability of the multi-edge reamer for optimum efficiency

3D adjustable shank for reamer mounting accuracy, ensuring machining accuracy and tool life


Trunnion Machining

The tangential, dense-tooth design of the milling tool plate allows for simultaneous machining of the upper and lower faces for efficient machining


Caliper Tail Milling

Set of milling high-efficiency cutters for easy, simple and reliable operation

Multi-flute inserts with high cost performance


End Slot Processing

The combination of negative and profiled inserts with precise end-slot line engagement ensures extremely high machining efficiency

The inserts are all screw-locked for easy handling