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Automotive industry - Finishing solutions for piston parts

Engine pistons

The piston is the reciprocating part of the cylinder block of an automotive engine. WSS solutions and tools for aluminium alloy pistons rely on the practical application of a team of specialists who are committed to optimising and improving the tools to create a better standard of workmanship.

Piston ring machining

WSS CBN external grooving inserts provide close grooving of piston surfaces with excellent cutting control and a wide range of sizes to meet different machining requirements. They are the most cost effective choice for long and stable grooving.

Figure 1

Piston pin hole machining

WSS PCD boring tools give you excellent surface quality and high bore accuracy, reduced vibration and flexibility of application. The composite profile boring tools allow complex piston pin bores to be machined with precise positioning and guarantee efficient machining throughout the process.

Figure 2

Piston top

PCD milling cutter for profiling the recessed shape of the top of the piston, adapted to the combustion chamber mixture formation and combustion requirements of various engines

Figure 3