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Fresnel lenses

Optical industry examples - Fresnel lens processing

Laser processing is based on a lens that gathers millions of times the heat equivalent to sunlight to cut, weld and perforate raw materials with non-contact precision and speed.

Laser processing machines with this type of process, which accomplish high production processing characteristics and decisive high cost performance, are rapidly growing in a huge variety of manufacturing business areas. It is the task of our manufacturers of electronic optical components to make the most of the development potential of laser processing machines.

· Circular tools for Fresnel lens machining

The corrugation can be achieved up to 50 nanometres or less, with no chipping of the edge under a 200x microscope. Weise can provide mature configuration tools for diamond single point turning for brands such as American Moore and Japanese Toshiba.

Workpiece name: Fresnel lens

Workpiece material: copper

ND tools

Technical requirements:

1. the surface roughness of the tool tip and cutting edge is less than 0.01μm

2. Straightness within the cutting edge is less than 0.01μm, and the front and rear surfaces must be finely ground to meet the requirements; the radius of the cutting edge is 0.2-0.5μm

3. South African diamonds are used for the natural diamond, and the cutting edge is in the direction of the strongest diamond.

4. Diamond is firmly welded and the edge and angle are resharpened

5. Diamond size 4x2x2 colourless, transparent, free of cracks and impurities; 12-sided, South African diamond grade D10, Mohs hardness 10

6. main cutting edges (main and secondary edges) free of chips under 200x microscope

7. body material 45#, HRC 40-45 body tempered