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Case of grey iron material - CBN tooling for automotive brake valves


The brake valve of a motor vehicle is fitted with a brake disc, which happens to be this type of component in full play in the actual operation of the braking system of a motor vehicle. Because brake calipers are a category of components related to the safety performance of motor vehicles, they have very high production regulations and product quality regulations. Highly economical production is crucial in relation to this type of component.


For better wheel braking systems, the raw material for brake valves or rotary shafts is generally grey iron, but in some cases made from polymeric materials such as carbon fibre material ceramic polymer (CCM). When made as safe and reliable components, brake valves must have unique surface roughness, radii, flatness and flatness. During CNC machining operations, bespoke tools such as combination turning bits and drills are generally used. Precision casting, ferrite composition and ageing conditions all affect the processable properties of the brake disc.


The same tool is used for roughing all surfaces to increase efficiency, for roughing precision cast surfaces of the outer circle to increase efficiency and stability, for finishing mounting faces with low tool change frequency, for efficient and stable finishing of brake system faces, for maximum output during dynamic balancing of exhaust brake discs, for batch grooving at low cost and time, for rapid, high quality and stable batch grooving.



The cases are as follows        


Tool drawing number: 054845

Machine type: Taichung Precision Machinery YCM vertical lathe

Workpiece name: Automotive brake valve

Workpiece material: Special grey iron 250 

Roughness: Ra1.6~2.5 

Machining process: Finishing

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Note: Test results outperform imported brand blades in terms of value for money.