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Single crystal extrusion cutters for high surface finish

In machining, the surface of the part to be machined is always left with subtle uneven tool marks, with staggered peaks and valleys. For workpieces with high surface roughness requirements, an additional process - grinding - is often required, which greatly reduces productivity.


WSS uses extrusion cutters made of single crystal to apply a certain amount of pressure to the surface of the workpiece using the extrusion tool, which causes the surface metal of the workpiece to flow plastically and fill in the low concave valleys that remain in the original, thus achieving a reduction in the surface roughness of the workpiece. The surface processing of single crystal extrusion tools not only improves the corrosion resistance of the workpiece surface and enhances the surface quality, but also the processing efficiency. In addition, WSS is able to offer single crystal tool design solutions for different machining areas, both for the external and internal bore of the workpiece for stable machining.


Single crystal extrusion cutters for processing single circles                                            


Single crystal extrusion cutters for machining bores                                            


The hardness of the single crystal can reach 10,000 Hv and has the characteristics of high wear resistance and low coefficient of friction. It only takes a few seconds to machine the surface of the part to be machined to the required surface accuracy. In addition, this machining process is 5-20 times more efficient than grinding and 10-50 times more efficient than turning, and achieves a mirror effect accuracy of Ra 0.05-0.1 μm in one feed, and enables the surface to be extrusion hardened, with increased wear resistance and fatigue strength, while eliminating plastic deformation of the surface under stress, and dimensional accuracy can be maintained for a relatively long time.




Upper workpiece: after machining                                    

     Lower workpiece: before machining                                    


      Processing parameters:                                    

      Cutting speed: 50m/min

      Feed rate: 0.05mm

      Machining allowance: 0.02mm