WSS | Expanding the Midwest Auto Market, attending the 6th China International Auto Parts Processing-WSS Precision Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

WSS | Expanding the Midwest Auto Market, attending the 6th China International Auto Parts Processing


The 6th China (Wuhan) International Auto Parts Processing Technology / Automotive Mould Technology Exhibition (CAPPT) was held in Wuhan International Expo Center from 9th to 11th, May, 2019. WSS attended this industry event that brought auto parts, auto molds and machine tool processing technology together, and participated in the exhibition with more than 80 auto OEMs and 3,000 auto parts manufacturers purchasing and technical related departments.


At this Auto Parts Exhibition, WSS exhibited a series of processing solutions for various auto parts. For example: engine cylinder head and casing, engine piston, automotive air conditioning compressor piston, turbocharger casing, hub and gearbox housing, input shaft output shaft and other parts processing solutions. During the exhibition, WSS conducted in-depth exchanges with representatives from various enterprises in the auto parts industry chain.


Our products have attracted the attention of exhibitors from Renault, Dongfeng Motor, Geely Automobile and other automotive and auto parts companies. They have inquired about the details of super hard cutting tool with WSS.


PCD forming tool, gearbox housing and gearbox output axial processing solutions


WSS is committed to tool optimization and continue to develop and supply more high-quality tool products for many customers in the automotive parts industry. The processing standards of auto parts are strict and the quality requirements are high. WSS super-hard tools not only meet the high requirements of customers for finished products, but also have the characteristics of high cost performance, good wear resistance and high processing efficiency, which reduces the processing cost for customers and significantly improve production efficiency.