Walk with the giants-The visit of E6 at WSS-WSS Precision Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Walk with the giants-The visit of E6 at WSS


Walk with the giants

On March 22nd, 2018, Mr. Wayne Leahy, head of application of Cutting &Grinding, Mr. Hubert Koegel, Global Sales Director and Mr. Mo Guoshu, Key Account Manager of the world's leading superhard material manufacturer E6, came to visit WSS Precision Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (WSS). Our Vice-President of Sales Fang Lieniu and Vice-President of Production Sun Bin led some middle and senior management staff to attend this business negotiation and discussed the future strategic cooperation and technological development of both parties and exchanged opinions.


Element Six Group (E6) has been focusing on the synthesis and processing of super-hard materials for over 50 years. To meet customers' metal processing and processing needs, E6 offers a range of extreme performance products and solutions, including synthetic single crystal diamond, polycrystalline diamond and carbide. Its solutions in the field of cutting tools and dressings have many advantages such as ease of manufacture, uniform wear, excellent thermal stability, multiple crystal orientation options (for synthetic single crystal diamond solutions) and many others. In addition, Element Six can also provide customers with designed products based on their demands.

WSS and E6 have cooperated for many years. Both parties have a certain understanding of each other's products and applications. During this visit, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges and exchanged opinions on the technical problems encountered by the superhard cutting tools in the cutting process. Element Six gives advice on the use of materials and the experience of superhard tools in actual machining. At the same time, Element Six introduced us to the latest product Pure Cut, and shared it with the participants at the scene. WSS expressed its expectation for the introduction of new E6 products. During the meeting, the two parties reached consensus on various angles and levels, and they expect both parties to give full play to their advantages and cooperate closely in their respective fields.