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Coated CBN Tool

Coated CBN Tool

The purpose of coating CBN tools is to extend the life of the inserts and increase productivity, and to achieve the lowest single-piece processing costs for more manufacturers in the powder metallurgy, automotive parts industries etc. After coating, the performance of the tool is improved and the tool life is significantly extended. The more stable processing performance can obviously improve the surface finish of the workpiece. In addition, longer-life CBN tools can reduce insert consumption, help reduce inventory, and achieve higher productivity and benefits for our customers.


The coating acts as a chemical and thermal barrier in the processing. The composition of the coated tool reduces the diffusion and chemical reaction between the tool and the workpiece, thereby reducing the wear on the tool's crescent slot. Coated tools have the characteristics of high surface hardness, good abrasion resistance, stable chemical properties, heat and oxidation resistance, small friction factor, and low thermal conductivity. With the coating, the cutting speed of the tools can be increased by 20% -70% and the machining accuracy can be improved by Level 0.5-1, by the meantime the tool consumption costs can be reduced by 20% -50%.